About the office

For us, the way is not less important than the final result of the process.

This is a boutique office that has operated for more than 40 years and counted among the leading law firms in Israel in the area of family and inheritance laws, and is ranked annually within the top ten most professional firms in the area, according to the prestigious international rankings of B&D and BDI.

The office is led by Adv. Yoram Yarkoni and Adv. Inbar Shenhav, who have gained many years' worth of experience and reputation in representing clients through complex marital conflicts regarding divorce, wills and inheritances, in Israel and abroad.

Our team is focused on a single area of expertise – family and inheritance laws, which fits perfectly with how they regard the responsibility entrusted with them by the client. Our team is proud with how they carefully analyze every move in a case, whether a negotiation meeting or a hearing and Courts of all instances.

Our office has guided through and represented high-profile international family conflicts over the years, including proceedings dealing with legal issues in foreign law or with property outside of Israel, foreign residents holding property and trust in Israel, Israeli citizens who have inherited assets abroad or foreign residents who have inherited property in Israel, estate management and overseas inheritance proceedings, and collaborates with global leading law firms specializing in family law.

Our firm is trusted by the family courts and rabbinical courts when being appointed as executor and receiver in complex divorce and inheritance cases. The courts regard our office as a professional extension that will assist it in performing critical actions in the case.

Our Vision

Personal attention and sharing all options with the client

The ability to share with the client in advance, already before making a decision to take legal action, establishes strong trust between our office and our clients. We are the only office in the area that despite being a leading litigator, hosts the clients in a cozy lounge-like meeting room that provides an atmosphere capable of containing the situation and the persons involved in the case. Everything is oriented towards allowing the conflict to resolve, creating emotional openness and having the parties, who are sometimes siblings in inheritance cases or spouses in divorce case, listen to each other.

The introductory meeting will present the client with all options available to them with precision and in detail, which enables them right from the start to perceive the real situation fully, thus allowing them to make an educated decision on what they should do next with clear vision of the outcome of each option.

Guiding clients to the finish line

In family cases, specifically divorce cases, distinction between the essence and the subordinate is highly significant in constructing a winning strategy in handling the case and expediting the solution. Our main goal is to guide the client through the case while mitigating their suffering, protecting their interests and looking to the future. After all, the spouse they have separated from is still part of their life, and cooperating with them regarding their joint children is more significant in their course of life. As we see it, when handling a case there are always critical points in time and momentum where the attorney must show familiarity, professionalism and pay close attention to the situation. These keys allow the case to end successfully within a reasonable period of time.

Conversance in family law alongside familiarity with finances

Our office's conversance in family law alongside familiarity with economics and finances creates a strong and innovative strategy in handling family cases, which usually involve complex financial issues. In cases of real war, we will have the upper hand and steer the event according to a precise forward-looking plan.

Smart negotiating that maintains the family structure

We recognize that in negotiating you should not knock out the other party, but instead navigate towards the desired solution while maintaining the family honor and structure.

Academic and non-legal activities

In addition to the direct operations with our clients, the office initiates and participates in extensive professional activities, both as private initiatives and as part of the activity of the Israeli Bar Association.

  • In 1996, upon establishment of the family court, Adv. Yarkoni established the family attorney forum at the Bar Association, and was involved in the legislation of the family court law and the establishment of the family court.
  • Adv. Yarkoni initiated and conducted the first 12 conventions of the Bar Association for family law professional between the years 1998-2011.
  • Between the years 1988-1998, Adv. Yarkoni served as the chief editor and initiator of “Et Vemishpaha” (pen and family) Journal, which, in the pre-internet years, was the only source for posting family court rulings.
  • Our office participated in promotion of legislation in the area of family and inheritance laws, and in submitting bills related to family and inheritance issues.
  • The office acted to establish the “Family Law and Conflict Resolution Center”, together with leading family attorneys in Israel, which offers a process combining mediation and arbitration, which is not limited to harsh solutions.
  • Our office participates significantly, both academically and practically, in seminars and advanced studies on behalf of the Bar Association and also initiates private conventions.


Inbar Shenhav, Adv.

Founder and owner

Adv. Inbar Shenhav has dealt in family and personal status laws for the last two decades, is highly experienced in conducting mediation proceedings, and is considered a leading representative in court and rabbinical courts. Adv. Shenhav is a Tel Aviv University and College of Administration graduate in law and sociology.

Early in her professional career, Adv. Shenhav apprenticed with judge (emeritus) Daniel Ernest at the Magistrate's Court in Tel Aviv. Later, she worked as an attorney at the family law office of the honorable judge Esperanza Alon from Haifa District Court, before the judge was appointed.

Her uncompromising character and ability to find solutions to complex matters that requires leadership alongside high sensitivity, have led her to become a temporary and permanent executrix, trust, receiver (unlike receivers representing the parties) and mediator on behalf of courts.

Adv. Shenhav had volunteered in Naamat Organization and contributed from her rich experience in the area of family law. Also, she served as the Bar Association representative in legislation discussions regarding children at the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset, and hosted a radio show about law in Tel Aviv Radio FM 102.

Yoram Yarkoni, Adv.

Founder and owner

Deals in the family and inheritance law for 36 years. Graduate of high-school yeshiva in Jerusalem and LL.B. from Tel Aviv University. Established the family attorneys’ forum at the Bar Association in 1996 (after establishment of the family court) and was involved in legislation of the family court law and the establishing the family court. Initiated and conducted the first 12 conventions for family attorneys, and between the years 1988-1998 he was the chief editor and initiator of the “Et Vemishpaha” Journal, which was at the time the only source for posting family court rulings.

Adv. Yoram Yarkoni quickly gained prominence in the field of family and inheritance laws in Israel when he established early in his career the Yarkoni-Mendelson & Co. partnership. Over the years, Adv. Yarkoni gained and impressive resume and achievements, with successful handling of prolonged and complex court cases. Adv. Yarkoni has represented prominent figures in the Israeli economy.

Adv. Yarkoni is an expert in conflict resolution outside judicial instances, and has an exceptional ability to recognize the interests of parties in the mediation proceeding. This creativeness helps sparing clients from long and tedious proceedings and bringing about the optimal agreement for them and their families.

The professional reputation of Adv. Yarkoni positions him at the top of Israeli legal system, and he is considered an authority in the area of family law in Israel.